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NEW Frangrance ūüö® - Horror Nights

by Daniel Stubbington 19 Aug 2023


Step into the heart-pounding pulse of an exhilarating night filled with spine-tingling thrills through our Horror Nights fragrance. Immerse yourself in the essence of navigating eerie haunted houses and ominous scare zones, where every twist and turn reveals nightmarish creatures shrouded in fog, ready to startle you at every corner.

Horror Nights¬ģ brings to life the atmosphere with its unique blend of aquatic ozone and musk, conjuring the familiar scent of pyrotechnic fog that envelops the air. A single inhalation transports you to a chillingly exciting world, where themed haunted houses loom, and the air crackles with a mixture of anticipation and fear. Each step through dimly lit corridors recalls the electric surge of energy that accompanies a night of heart-stopping frights.

Whether you seek to relive cherished memories of past Halloween escapades or wish to summon forth your most visceral screams while embracing the iconic fog machine aroma, this spine-tingling fragrance invites you on an unforgettable journey into the realm of the macabre. Be vigilant as you journey through the enigmatic twists, letting yourself be entranced by the enigmatic allure and boundless excitement of our Horror Nights¬ģ fragrance‚ÄĒa meticulously crafted, delightfully hair-raising scent that encapsulates the euphoria of being fearfully thrilled beyond your imagination.


Launching Soon in Candles (8oz Tins + 8oz & 12oz Jam Jars) + Wax Melts (3oz + Samples) 



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